We produce analyses that foster public dialogue about why equity matters to our region's future and provide community leaders with critical data to inform policy change efforts.

See our Reports & Analyses, DashboardsEquity Profiles, Data Snapshots, and Fact Sheets & Infographics

Reports & Analyses

Our team analyzes equity trends and issues in the region, and lifts up promising solutions for inclusive prosperity.


Our dashboards distill complex issues into visualizations that provide easy-to-understand data insights and equity solutions.

Equity Profiles

Our comprehensive equity profiles present demographic trends and dozens of equity indicators that assess how well the region is doing to ensure its diverse residents can participate in the region's economic vitality, contribute to the readiness of the workforce, and connect to the region's assets and opportunities.

Data Snapshots

What is the equity story in your community? Pull up a summary of key indicators for selected Bay Area communities.

Fact Sheets & Infographics

We partner with community-based organizations to produce fact sheets, maps, and infographics they can use in their advocacy efforts.