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Welcome to the Bay Area Equity Atlas, a comprehensive data support system to track the state of equity across the region and inform solutions for inclusive prosperity.

The Latest

For the past five years, the Bay Area Equity Atlas has tracked data on the diversity of local elected officials. Despite some progress, our latest analysis indicates that 25 percent of Bay Area cities still have no people of color on their city councils.

Support for Equity Campaigns

Testifying in support of just cause eviction protections before city council. Talking with your neighbors about the need for transit investment. Building a coalition to address the jobs-housing imbalance in the region. Community leaders from San Jose to Concord are using Bay Area Equity Atlas data to power their campaigns. 

In Their Own Words...

“ [When you speak] an indigenous language, you feel vulnerable — like you don’t get the message and you don’t feel safe. When you get a translation in your own tongue, then you feel there’s safety.”

— Maria Salinas, Petaluma

Maria Salinas is a farmworker and organizer who predominantly speaks Chatino, an indigenous language of Mexico. She and other farmworkers, who make up the backbone of Sonoma County’s billion-dollar wine industry, have borne the brunt of climate change. When the historic Tubbs Fire raged through the region in 2017, many of them didn’t know proper evacuation routes and protocols because safety messages were only broadcast in English and Spanish. Since then, Maria has worked to ensure safety messages are also broadcast in indigenous languages. In 2022, she successfully advocated for the creation of an emergency operations plan that requires employers in Sonoma County to provide safety training and information to workers in their preferred languages. Learn more.


Photo: Felix Uribe