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Welcome to the Bay Area Equity Atlas, a comprehensive data support system to track the state of equity across the region and inform solutions for inclusive prosperity.

The Latest

For the past five years, the Bay Area Equity Atlas has tracked data on the diversity of local elected officials. Despite some progress, our latest analysis indicates that 25 percent of Bay Area cities still have no people of color on their city councils.

Support for Equity Campaigns

Testifying in support of just cause eviction protections before city council. Talking with your neighbors about the need for transit investment. Building a coalition to address the jobs-housing imbalance in the region. Community leaders from San Jose to Concord are using Bay Area Equity Atlas data to power their campaigns. 

In Their Own Words...

“ When I first started my business, I didn't know there were so many resources available. When I became an advisor, I learned about all the resources everywhere. . . . Now, I want to make sure that all the other people who have businesses or are starting a business know.”

— Helen Masamori, Little Portugal, San José

Helen Masamori has owned and managed an insurance business for nearly a decade. Despite initial challenges, she connected with the local Small Business Development Center, which led her to become a business advisor and co-president of the Alum Rock Business Association. Helen is driven by her passion for helping others, both through her company and her community role. She strives to provide access to business development resources, addressing the lack of initial capital investments for local entrepreneurs and the impact of San José’s high cost of living on business owners and their employees. Learn more.


Photo: Felix Uribe