Examining How Bay Area Cities and Counties Have Prioritized Investing Their Share of State Local and Fiscal Recovery Funds

Cities and counties across the Bay Area region collectively received more than $3 billion in flexible resources to spend over five years to address the immediate economic and health impacts of the pandemic and rebuild a stronger, more equitable economy. The Bay Area Recovery Dollars Tracker provides the fullest picture to date of how municipal governments across the nine-county region are investing their share of Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF). It also underscores the opportunity that local policymakers have to leverage what remains of these flexible resources to support the communities of color that have been the most harmed by Covid-19 as well as address the systemic inequities that existed long before the pandemic.

This tool — along with the complementary analysis and recommendations for local policymakers — was produced in partnership with the San Francisco Foundation and an advisory group of advocacy organizations in the region.


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