Maps of city council composition by race/ethnicity

Black, Asian, and Latinx residents are not well represented in the majority of Bay Area city councils. Read the latest Diversity of Electeds analysis here.


The majority of Bay Area cities — 74 out of 101 — have no Black elected officials. This means that 88,000 Black Bay Area residents (one in five Black residents) have no Black official representing them in city council. These include the residents of American Canyon, Brentwood, East Palo Alto, Lafayette, and Richmond, the five cities/towns that lost Black officials in the 2020 elections.

Sixty-six Bay Area cities and towns do not have any Asian American electeds, even though 765,300 Asian American residents, or 40 percent of the region’s Asian American population, live in these cities. Most notably, San Jose, home to one in five of the region’s Asian American residents, does not have a single Asian American city councilmember.

About a quarter of Bay Area residents are Latinx, but just 13 percent of electeds are Latinx. And one in five Latinx residents in the region live in the 55 municipalities without a single Latinx elected official.