Bay Area Equity Atlas Update

September 25, 2020

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Dear Bay Area Equity Atlas Users,

Over the past month, we have continued to support communities in their response to the Covid-19 pandemic and have focused our efforts on providing local organizing efforts with critical data sources. Along with our partners, we produced new analyses and fact sheets powered by Atlas data. Here are a few highlights:

Eviction Risk Fact Sheets for Bay Area Counties

The Atlas team is providing data and campaign support for the Our Homes, Our Health coalition to protect vulnerable renters in this critical time. As thousands of renters across the Bay Area are at risk of eviction due to the current economic crisis, we are producing fact sheets estimating the number of households at risk along with our community partners. Our first fact sheet, produced in partnership with Raise the Roof Coalition, helped to secure the extension of the eviction moratorium in Contra Costa county, where we found nearly 22,000 households were at risk of eviction. Since then, we have produced similar resources for Sonoma and San Mateo counties, with many more fact sheets currently in the works. Find them here.

New Analysis: Nearly Half of Bay Area Residents Considered Low Income

Our new analysis, authored by Ángel Ross and Sarah Treuhaft, reveals the racial makeup of low and very low-income residents in the five-county Bay Area. We found that 68 percent of Black residents and 72 percent of Latinos fall within these categories compared with just 35 percent of White residents. Black and Latino residents are also underrepresented in high-income families and make up just 13 percent of these households. White residents make up 54 percent of high-income households, even though they comprise only 40 percent of the region’s overall population. These distributions vary across counties: Black residents in San Francisco, for example, are most likely to be very low income compared to Black residents in all other Bay Area counties. Read our complete findings here.

Thank you!

The Bay Equity Atlas team